Redragon Reaver CC-1011 Air CPU Cooler

Original price was: ৳ 1,959.Current price is: ৳ 1,600.

  • Model: Reaver CC-1011
  • Slim Heat-sink design
  • Direct Contact Heat bridge
  • 2 Pure Copper Heat Pipes
  • Vortex Pro Red LED Fan


Redragon Reaver CC-1011 Air CPU Cooler delivers a constant and quiet airflow with a cooling capacity that allows you to play, render and demand the maximum. Also, it has Red lighting LED.
Maximum Conductivity with Superior Ventilation
This CPU cooler has two 6mm copper heat tubes designed to ensure maximum efficiency in the transfer of heat from the paste to the air flow generated by the fan. The premium quality of this critical component is the secret to the CPU cooler’s high efficiency.


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